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Willy Lit Fest

Event Date: 18 June 2017
Author / Presenters: Richard Cornish, Dmetri Kakmi

Join author Dmetri Kakmi in this stimulating discussion at Williamstown Literary Festival as he chats to food writer and Epicure Good Food columnist Richard Cornish about ethical food production and eating well in a changing world.

About the book –

My Year Without Meat examines what it meant to food writer Richard Cornish to become a vegetarian for a year. My Year Without Meat is a surprising and bittersweet journey that changed Richard’s body, his values and how he cooks. It’s a meditation on ethical meat, an ode to vegetables and a cautionary tale about our relationship to food—as told by a self-confessed meat lover.
Peppered with funny anecdotes, eye-opening facts and conversations with some of Australia’s best local producers, farmers and top chefs, My Year Without Meat thoughtfully explores how and why Australians consume food the way we do.
It will make you rethink the contents of your supermarket trolley, how you prepare your evening meal and where your food comes from.
"It’s a very personal journey, written in an accessible, personable style. Richard’s food knowledge and experience is vast. He’s opinionated and has definite ideas. But rather than get table-thumping about it, he offers alternatives by seducing your taste buds into different modes of thinking and tasting. He’s also very funny." Dmetri Kakmi

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