Saturday NIght - What Is Life?

Bendigo Writers Festival

Event Date: 
10 August 2019
Author / Presenters: 
Paul Davies

How does life create order from chaos? And what is life? Paul Davies tackles these magnificent and terrifying questions with a new theory that reveals how biology and quantum physics might just unlock the secrets of life on Earth. Join this world-renowned scientist and writer as he unleashes this radical new vision for human understanding. Introduced by La Trobe University Fellow Elizabeth Finkel, Paul Davies will take us into a field of science so new and fast-moving that it still lacks a name, a domain where computing, chemistry, quantum physics and nanotechnology meet. The power of information to explain life and to unify biology with physics heralds a new scientific revolution poised to transform technology and medicine, and to answer the age-old question of whether or not we are alone in the universe.

Ticket only $25 / $22 concession