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WORD FOR WORD FESTIVAL – Panel Discussion – In Our Nature

Word for Word Festival

Event Date: 22 November 2022
Author / Presenters: Kailas Wild, Leah Kaminsky, Meg Keneally, Claire G. Coleman & David Maurice Smith

Nature is so often referred to as something apart from us, somewhere to be briefly visited and then return. Does our human nature mean that we are destined always to use, conquer and destroy? Or can we learn to coexist and thrive with our fellow creatures? This panel discussion comes on the back of the devastating bushfires of last summer. When arborist and author of The 99th Koala, Kailas Wild heard that the injured koalas on Kangaroo Island could only be reached by a tree climber he drove 1,500km to volunteer. Animals Make Us Human, is the passion project of co-editors Leah Kaminsky and Meg Keneally. The pair enlisted more than 70 contributors, including author Claire G. Coleman and photographer David Maurice Smith to highlight the beauty and fragility of Australia’s unique fauna.

Panel discussion with Meg Keneally.

For every ticket to this live session, Godfrey Hirst will donate $5 towards the following charities: the Australian Marine Conservation Society, the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the Humane Society International (Australia).

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