WORD FOR WORD FESTIVAL - Panel Discussion - Climate Crisis

Word for Word Festival

Event Date: 
21 November 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Tom Bamforth, Joel Carnegie, Caleb Plumridge & Eve Fisher

For the people of the Pacific region, there is no denying climate change and its very real effects. The names of these island nations – Vanuatu, Fiji, Kiribati – may evoke images of white sandy beaches and palm trees, but the reality is these idyllic locations are facing rising sea levels, salinity, cyclones and pollution. Join author Tom Bamforth (The Rising Tide), documentary makers Joel Carnegie & Caleb Plumridge (Three Metres) as they share the tales of their travels; the stories of the people facing this imminent threat; the politics behind the issues; and what led to the creation of these two very different forms of non-fiction.

Panel discussion with Eve Fisher.

This session includes the debut screening of The Space Company’s powerful new short documentary Three Metres, filmed on location in Kiribati.