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Infinity and Beyond: Humanity and Space

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 5 October 2023 07:00 PM to 5 October 2023 09:00 PM
Event Organiser: The Wheeler Centre
Ticket Price: $35 – $40

In 1966, the opening sequence of Star Trek proclaimed the mission to explore strange new worlds. Since then, humanity has travelled further and deeper into space – from first footsteps on the Moon and rovers on Mars, to space telescopes that reveal how the universe has evolved over billions of years. For this special Spring Fling event during World Space Week, a line-up of scientists, philosophers and writers come together at the Melbourne Planetarium to consider a question famously addressed by Hannah Arendt in 1963: ‘Has humanity’s conquest of space increased or diminished our stature?’. Gomeroi astrophysicist Krystal De Napoli, theologist Reverend Professor Andrew Dutney and science poet Alicia Sometimes will investigate the boundaries of humanity’s relationship with the universe and examine the ethics surrounding space exploration, with host and guest curator, space archaeologist Dr Alice Gorman. Following the discussion, extragalactic astronomer Dr Tanya Hill will transport audience members with a guided tour of the universe in the Planetarium Theatre. Presented in partnership with Museums Victoria.

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