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顾睿《走近梵高》新书专题讲座 (Author Talk – Presented in Mandarin)

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

Event Date: 6 July 2024 10:00 AM to 6 July 2024 12:00 PM
Author / Presenters: Rui Gu
Event Venue: Doncaster Library
Event Organiser: Whitehorse Manningham Libraries
Ticket Price: Free

"知名学者顾睿先生的著作《走近梵高》由上海文化出版社出版,本书纠正了历史误传并专题解析梵高的作品。本次新书讲座活动旨在提供欣赏梵高艺术的全新视角,为读者带来最新的梵高研究成果。 The renowned scholar Mr. Rui Gu's work ""Vincent,"" published by Shanghai Cultural Publishing House, corrects misinterpretations and provides thematic analyses of Van Gogh's works. This book talk aims to offer a fresh perspective on appreciating Van Gogh's art, bringing readers the latest research results on Van Gogh."

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