Doing It All! Women’s Health and Wellbeing

Frankston City Libraries

Event Date: 
20 January 2021
Author / Presenters: 
New Pathways

Let’s be honest, 2020 was a year like no other!

Join us to turn the page of our book of life to explore real challenges facing women and consider what we can learn from history to inform our future in 2021.

Can we really have it all without finding balance and making positive choices that unlock our inner sense of self?

Our presenter, Annette Subhani from New Pathways, will facilitate a moving workshop to ensure each woman will leave with real strategies to empower decisions to help find inner purpose and a sense of holistic wellbeing.

This is a participatory workshop and notes for the workshop will be emailed to you a few days prior to the session.

Please join us for this FREE Doing It All! Women’s Health and Wellbeing workshop at 7pm on Wednesday 20 January. Bookings are essential.