June Factor - Soldiers and Aliens


Event Date: 
22 June 2022
Author / Presenters: 
June Factor

This forgotten history restores to public memory the experiences of men, many recent immigrants and refugees, who either willingly or reluctantly joined the Australian army during WWII.

Join us during Refugee Week to acknowledge the story of Soldiers and Aliens: Men in the Australian Army’s Employment Companies during World War II

Of these men was author June Factor's father, Szulem Faktor, later known as Saul Factor. Despite fleeing Poland to begin a new life with his wife and young child in Australia, Szulem, a man of strong principles, felt that serving in the army was something he simply had to do.

There are many other stories like Szulem's that have been forgotten – stories of Jewish, Italian, Greek, German and Chinese men that challenge the common cliché of the Aussie ‘dinkum’ soldier. These men and the essential roles they played in wartime offer a pertinent reminder of the value of a muticultural Australia.

This event will be held at the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre. There is no charge for this event but bookings are required.