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Life So Full of Promise

PMI Victorian History Library

Event Date: 6 November 2024 06:30 PM to 6 November 2024 07:30 PM
Author / Presenters: Ross McMullin
Event Organiser: PMI Victorian History Library
Ticket Price: Gold Coin Entry

Award-winning historian and biographer of Pompey Elliott, Ross McMullin, on his new book. Ross is a renowned storyteller and an entertaining speaker. He will regale us with stories from “Life So Full of Promise”, his second lost generation multi-biography following “Farewell Dear People”, which won the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History. Ross’s new book again combines prodigious research and narrative flair in a collection of interwoven family stories about forgotten Australians who had radiant potential. The rich cast of characters includes a popular doctor, a brilliant cricketer, and an exceptionally talented barrister who was a potential prime minister. “Life So Full of Promise” illuminates what the war was like at home and at the sharp end. It provides insights into the experiences of Australians before, during and after the war, whether they were combatants or civilians, or soldiers’ wives or parents. Bookings are essential with a gold coin for entry.

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