Shauna Wilson You Say Different: I Say Individual


Event Date: 
11 August 2021
Author / Presenters: 
Shauna Wilson

Shauna provides insight into how she has navigated through a complex life journey as a transgender woman.

Shauna shares the torment she once felt in reconciling who she was brought up to believe she would be, with who she eventually accepted herself as.

Shauna provides insight into the pressure bestowed upon a child with a conflicted gender identity and the pain-filled path she walked to eventual happiness.

This book will take you through Shauna's complex life journey, including the cover up of various issues relating to her gender identity disorder; her sexuality, dating and relationships, her medical health, and mental health as a transgender woman.

This book is aimed at educating and informing its readers on a topic that has been considered taboo and misunderstood for too long.