So You Want to be a Writer? Lee Kofman and Amra Pajalic with Claire Halliday

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

Event Date: 
13 August 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Lee Kofman and Amra Pajalic with Claire Halliday

Gain advice and insights about writing, publishing and marketing from two experienced writers. Lee Kofman is a writing teacher, editor, novelist and memoirist. Her latests works include the memoir Imperfect: How our bodies shape the people we become (Affirm Press, 2019) and the anthology Split (Ventura Press, 2019) featuring prominent Australian writers. Amra Pajalic is an an editor, teacher and award winning author. She is co-editor of the anthology Growing up Muslim in Australia (Allen and Unwin, 2019) and her latest book is a family memoir about living with her mother's mental illness - Things Nobody Knows But Me (Transit Lounge, 2019). Claire Halliday will grill Lee and Amra to find out their take on being a successful writer - they will discuss agents, marketing, writing, editing, and the publishing industry.