Tomato: Know, Sow, Grow, Feast with Karen Sutherland

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

Event Date: 
13 May 2022
Author / Presenters: 
Karen Sutherland in conversation with Claire Halliday

Karen Sutherland is an author and tomato expert and in this hybrid event (streamed online and open to a small audience in the library), she will share her tips, tricks and tempting ways to taste this fantastic food.

The book Karen co-authored (with Janice Sutton & Penny Woodward) is regarded as the tomato bible for the Australian climate - and it's packed with helpful advice from an experienced grower and tomato-lover. To increase your knowledge about sowing and growing - including fertiliser, how to train your toms, and try organic growing techniques, including self-watering beds, the book also features a comprehensive ‘pest and disease’ guide with a troubleshooter chart and photos to help identify problems.

Karen Sutherland will be in conversation with writer and interviewer Claire Halliday (Things My Mother Taught Me & Things My Father Taught Me).