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You Must Come Alone to Read the Last Book on Earth

You Must Come Alone to Read the Last Book on Earth

Event Date: 15 September 2016 to 25 September 2016
Author / Presenters: Georgia Symons / Melbourne Fringe

A one-on-one reading experience like no other...

There is only one book left in the world. Would you like to read it? Come along to our secret location, where you'll be given a short window of time alone with the one remaining book. Perhaps, by reading this book, you will come to understand what has happened to all the others. Just be sure to come alone.

In the current moment, more and more books are being digitised, and much of what used to be in print can be found online. But could books ever really become extinct? What would that take? And what would that world look like? Is it a possibility to be avoided, or welcomed?

With this unique solo experience, live artist and game designer Georgia Symons imagines what would happen if one last book was made as a document of an extinct breed. You Must Come Alone asks us to reflect on the role literature plays in our world, and in each of our lives.

But perhaps the book is more than just a dusty relic of a bygone era. Perhaps, if you read it closely enough, you’ll find a hidden message. A glimmer of hope. A chance to undo the sad fate of all the other books…

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