80 Years of Cover Art: A Meanjin Zoom Conversation


Event Date: 
24 February 2021

Book designer and artist WH Chong, art historian Christopher Marshall and design expert Daniel Huppatz will talk us through the changing styles of the covers of one of Australia’s oldest literary journals, examining how they reflect the forming Australian national and artistic identity over time. The discussion is the first in a series of events commemorating Meanjin’s 80th anniversary, in conjunction with the University of Melbourne’s Archives and Special Collections department.

This free Zoom event will be chaired by Meanjin editor Jonathan Green.

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This discussion forms part of a project celebrating 80 Years of Meanjin, drawing upon items and records held within Archives and Special Collections. We'll be presenting an online exhibition along with a short series of online conversations exploring ideas from the 80 year history of Meanjin.