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Nashville – A Rock Odyssey

St Kilda Writers Festival

Event Date: 27 May 2022

The Majishans present Nashville – a rock odyssey

Hold on to your seats folks – it’s going to be a wild ride!
Nashville: A Rock Odyssey Radio

“A little bit of theatre

A little bit of storytelling

A whole lot of rock n’ roll”

Shane LadyMoon

This is the story of an almost famous Australian band whose ambitious manager scores them a breakthrough gig in Nashville, Tennessee. All they have to do is get on a private plane, taking off from a deserted airstrip at night, and all their dreams will come true…

Nashville is an amazing performance that fuses storytelling with original songs. It’s rock music inspired by Middle Eastern riffs, swampy Delta blues, funk anthems, psychedelia and the smoky, guitar-fuelled journeys of the Deep South.

Nashville is written and performed by The Majishans, an art rock band with a gift for storytelling and a charismatic stage vibe. Nashville features ten original songs by the brilliant guitarist/composer Antony Romero, accompanied by Tony Jozef, a virtuoso soloist on cello, saxophone and resonator guitar, and percussionist Reuben Alexander. Artist and vocalist Helen Hopcroft writes most of the lyrics, with production support by sound musician James Carter.

Music writer Matt Petherbridge describes the band as ‘A true magic trick of the literary, the poetic with remarkable compositions echoing the likes of Radiohead, King Crimson, Morphine, Bob Dylan and Patti Smith’.

Nashville is about the lengths that creative people will go to to realise their dreams. The show begins with the words – ‘I am about to tell you a story but none of it is true’ – and goes on to relate an entirely fictitious history of The Majishans, a thrilling tale of survival and creative transformation in the Australian desert.

Hopcroft is probably best known for My Year as a Fairy Tale, a piece of performance art that saw her dress as Marie Antoinette for one year and go about her everyday life in Maitland. Of Nashville she says, ‘this is easily the strangest, most beautiful and genre-defying project that I have ever worked on. The music is spectacular’.

More information:

Helen Hopcroft 0408 637 404 [email protected]

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