Oral Storytelling with Soretti Kadir

Express Media

Event Date: 
26 October 2021
Author / Presenters: 
Soretti Kadir, Manisha Anjali

The poetry of Oromo storyteller, facilitator and activist Soretti Kadir is a dynamic, authentic and heartful experience, seeking revolution, liberation and freedom. With Soretti’s poetry, there is fire from which the voice originates, and there is music— a rhythm derived from imagination, history and intuition, that invites individuals and communities to walk the path of truth. Such is the mark of a skilled performer. How does Soretti harness the power of oral storytelling? How do intention, expression and voice work together to create meaning? In this session we will delve into Oromo oral storytelling traditions and how they are awoken in contemporary spaces, as well as speak to Soretti’s inimitable artistry and expression. We will discuss Namummaa fi Wantoota Namummaa Qancarsan, Soretti’s offering presented at The Arts Centre, and Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, the poet to whom the film is dedicated. We will also speak to the dichotomy of the private self and public self, the writer vs the performer and how the two conflate.