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A Voz Limpia 29 – Launch of the A Voz Limpia Vol. 3 anthology

A Voz Limpia

Event Date: 16 November 2018
Author / Presenters: A Voz Limpia - Poetry collective

A Voz Limpia is a poetry collective and independent publisher. It gathers poets, storytellers and writers of all persuasions, mostly from Latin America, mostly in Spanish, mostly in Australia. Since 2016, the group reads once a month at free, public events, and has been invited to participate in several festivals and events with poetry segments. A Voz Limpia has published 5 books (2 anthologies featuring 70+ poets in total, and 3 author books).

Each year, in November, we publish an anthology that gathers original writings from all those who read during the year. This year - A Voz Limpia Vol. 3 - includes work by Alicia Acosta, Juan Carlos Altuna Facal, Carlos J Alvarez Mora, Tadeus Argüello, Teresa Bascuñán Ibarra, Edward Caruso, Eyal Chipkiewicz, Andy Cifu, Silvia Cuevas-Morales, Hamish Danks Brown, Grace Amigo, Alejandro Del Castillo, David Von Almendra, Abraham Alejandro Dunovits, Carolina P. C. Duque, Luis Escudero, Abel Galante, Gabriela Isabel Gonzalez, Kathleen Gonzalez, Harlev R. Raúl, Laura Hernandez, Margarita Iriarte, Sofia Isavo, Cloé Karagozlu, Pablo Larrosa, Leo Lazarus, Karina Lehman, Vicente Mata, Alfredo Muñoz, Natalia Nazir, Ginna Paola Nino Duarte, Amla Periakarpan, Rebecca Perich, Leticia Renteria, Daniel Sacchero, Kalindi Victoria, Raul Sanchez Urribarri, La Vanesso, Gonzalo Varela and Andrea Zalewski, with an introduction by Hamish Danks Brown. Some of these writers reside in Melbourne, some are elsewhere in the world and have been guests at our readings via webcam.

The event will also feature some music. Food and drink will be available to purchase. All of our books will be available to buy.

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