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Adventures in Poetry: using form to improve your writing

Nottingham is a City of Literature

Event Date: 27 August 2020
Author / Presenters: Leanne Moden

Come to this fun and friendly workshop to experiment with different poetry forms, learn new skills and elevate your writing!

One of the wonderful things about poetry is the freedom it gives us to write whatever we like, and free verse is more popular than ever before. But, are we missing something by not engaging with traditional poetic forms?

Sometimes, constraints allow us to break free of our usual writing ruts, and push our writing into new places, making us better, more versatile writers, and giving us the space to articulate ourselves even more clearly.

If you’re keen for a new challenge, then join poet and workshop leader Leanne Moden for “Adventures in Form”. This workshop is great for writers of all genres, looking to discover new ways of writing by playing within the traditions of poetic form. Forget stuffy classrooms and boring textbooks – this course is all about learning by experimenting, trying new things and having fun with your writing!

By the end of this session, participants will be able to...

Write in at least five structured poetry forms
Understand how to use structured poetic forms in your drafting and editing process
Consider format, form and page layout when starting a poem
Evaluate your strengths when working with form, and consider areas where there’s room for improvement.
Finally get your head around iambic pentameter!

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