Sit Still, Travel Far: Creative writing and meditation

Nottingham is a City of Literature

Event Date: 
12 September 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Pascale Quiviger

Where the mind dwells often determines how life unfolds and how writing flows. This workshop introduces meditation as a tool to notice, acknowledge and choose our mind spaces. It presents itself as an antidote to overthinking and overplanning, suggesting that letting go is a more fruitful option when it comes to creativity.

We will explore:
• the power of silence and stillness to increase focus and refine perception;

• Ways to align the intellect with the heart, to enrich our emotional understanding;

• How to expand awareness, allowing the self to step back and insight to step in.

Our time will be shared between guided sits and visualisations, quick writing exercises, short talks and group exchanges. Participants are welcome to bring a specific question or hurdle they would like to work on, or just curiosity about the mind’s mystery.

Throughout this course, you will...

Observe the mind to gain a better understanding of it;
Slow down your train of thoughts, allowing access to more subtle experiences or information
Open new mental pathways
Sharpen perception and problem solving
Help the creative process become fluid and joyful.
By introducing meditation techniques, the workshop also offers an opportunity to:
Rest and refresh
Cultivate compassion
Expand our field of awareness
Connect more harmoniously with our environment.

Each exercise is a seed for what could become a sustained practice. Over time it brings a richer life and writing experience. The participants will be provided with further references to pursue and expand their practice.

About Pascale Quiviger
Pascale was born in Montreal (Canada), where she studied painting and philosophy. In her late twenties, she travelled to Italy, where she lived for a decade as an art teacher. She has published novels for adults and young readers, essays, artbooks, poetry and short stories. In 2008, she moved to Nottingham to live with her husband and daughter, and has also trained as a hypnotherapist. She continues to write, lead workshops and keep her allotment happy. Meditation has occupied a place of choice in her life for more than twenty-five years, and she always welcomes occasions to help others into it.

Book your place
The course will take place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September @ 11.00am - 4.00pm. The entire course costs £40 for NWS members and £45.00 for general admission. Book your place, or to find out more about joining NWS, head to our membership page.