Express Media

Event Date: 
25 October 2019
Author / Presenters: 
Express Media

Look out over the horizon, fast forward your watch, is the apocalypse closer than you think?

Join Express Media for an immersive, stirring and playful hour as young writers propel us forward in time and share their visions for the future.

Each day, one emerging arts leader will deliver a provocation - a creative, critical and poetic response to an imagined tomorrow. Following this, four young artists will respond by sharing short postcards from their travels to the future.

TRANSCENDING GENDER – Friday 25 Oct 3:00PM - 4:00PM
Provocation – Quinn Eades
Postcard #1 – Darlene Silva Soberano
Postcard #2 – Daniel Ward
Postcard #3 – Heather Joan Day
Visual Postcard – Mira Schlosberg

Booking is FREE but Registrations are required