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Broad Church: Feminism and Queerness in Modern Religion

The Wheeler Centre

Event Date: 13 July 2022

Wednesday 13 July 2022, 6.30–7.30pm

As well as being a uniquely personal experience, the relationship between religion and gender identity is increasingly a topic of discussion within public and political discourse. Those who identify as female or LGBTQIA+ are redefining frameworks of religion, creating their own spaces and moving towards a more nuanced understanding of faith and spirituality. Practices within religious traditions, including meditation and prayer, generate opportunities to explore and navigate these relationships

At this event, hear from a panel of writers and thinkers from a range of backgrounds about how their identities have been shaped, challenged and influenced by their connection and disconnection to religion and spirituality. Louise Omer, Sunim BomHyon, Jess Knight and Aisya Zaharin will join host Jacinta Parsons to consider what a safe, meaningful and inclusive experience of modern religion can look like for women and LGBTQIA+ people, and why this so often ends up being the exception, not the rule.

Presented in partnership with the Contemplative Studies Centre

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