Event Date: 
19 April 2021 to 22 April 2021
Author / Presenters: 
Reuben James

Created as a response to the ongoing political debate on LGBTQIA+ lives, BENT is a stirring exploration of what it means to be queer in today’s world.

In this contemporary work, Variation Three’s ensemble of six queer artists take us on their journey, and explore how their joy, their pain, and their love, have all been influenced by the voices around them. Through their interlocking of moving bodies, the stories of queer Australians are shared with audiences, pushing for reflection, and a change in perception.

Created by Reuben James, BENT is a unique fusion of circus, dance, and visual art, and questions the divide between artistic fields. It explores what happens when the barriers are removed, and the arts combine on a bare stage. With great strength and vulnerability, the cast of BENT dance, tumble, and paint in an ongoing exploration of queer life.

At the heart of the performance, they leave no room to question queer lives, focusing instead on what is possible when accepted, and cherished, just as all lives should be.