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Charles Manson & The Subtle Art Of Radicalisation

La Mama Theatre

Event Date: 29 September 2016 to 9 October 2016
Author / Presenters: Written by Dr Scott Welsh

“I’ve ate out of your garbage cans.”
“I’ve wore your second-hand clothes.”
“I done my best to get along in your world.”

Charles Manson and the Subtle Art of Radicalisation explores the myth of a man excluded from society who bit back at the establishment.

His life and fate foreshadows the perils of a culture that casts aside the unwanted and undesired. Manson and his family’s reign of terror continue to embody our worst fears and linger in our collective consciousness.

This piece of theatre takes you to the dark recesses of Manson’s psyche and our realisation that there is no division between us and them. Rather, we are all just scared, lonely, little children left to our own devices.

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