La Mama Theatre

Event Date: 
22 April 2020 to 26 April 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Matthew Ryan

“I think its important. Remembering… would you agree…”

Final night before the drop. A despondent Ned Kelly receives a unexpected visitor, his supposedly killed brother, Dan disguised as a priest.

Dan’s wants to let bygones be bygones and start afresh.

Ned wants Dan accountable for trying to shoot him dead.

What ensues is an inevitable clash between the two icons of Australia, engaging in the most gripping dialogue on masculinity, brotherhood and posterity.

It’s raw. Funky. Supernatural. 

With bold casting and even bolder artistic direction, this play takes on an immediacy and contemporary relevance exploring the issues and power dynamics between the sexes, race, religion and sexuality confronting us today. 

Written by Matthew Ryan

Directed by Subra.V and Kylie Gral

Performed by Subra.V and other artists

Multimedia and lighting design by Kylie Gral

Set, props and music score by Subra.V