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La Belle Epoque


Event Date: 16 January 2024 08:00 AM to 16 January 2024 05:00 PM
Event Venue: Theatreworks
Event Organiser: Theatre Works
Ticket Price: $20 – $45

La Belle Epoque is a text-based play with integrated archival and live video, performed by actors of African heritage. It comprises several interweaving narratives that combine to tell the story of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The play charts the history of discovery and exploitation of resources in the DRC such as slaves, rubber, diamonds and rare earth minerals from pre-colonial times to the modern day, exposing the supply chain together with the people who are beneficiaries of these resources - the Wealthy West.

It ​​tells the story of a quartet of young African Australians, focusing on the central relationship of Chris, a Congolese refugee and Isioma, a Nigerian Australian who came to Australia with her migrant parents when she was a baby. Chris is an aspiring actor who also runs a small import business. Isioma is studying political science at University and is hoping to become an influencer through social media. Chris and Isioma have been going out for three years and although Isioma notionally lives with her parents in the suburbs, she spends most days and nights at Chris’ modest studio apartment.

Chris and Isioma are very serious, but marriage is not considered a short-term possibility as there is no way that Chris could afford the large dowry that would be demanded. Also, Chris is secretive and guarded about his past and his family, which puts added strain on the relationship.


FULL PRICE: $45.00


PREVIEW: $28.00

20 at $20**: $20.00

MOB TIX: $20.00

*Seniors, Student, MEAA, Health Care and Low Income card holders **Limited to 20 tickets per performance

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