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Laundry Shoot!


Event Date: 9 January 2024 07:30 PM to 9 January 2024 09:00 PM *
Author / Presenters: by Dora Abraham
Event Venue: Theatreworks

In a laundry chute, a school teacher talks to God. Meanwhile, two posties start their rounds the morning an unknown invasion threatens their quiet community. As the day progresses, time and reality distort: the sun rises in the south-west, a dog can shapeshift, and there’s a boy missing. As the characters’ lives intersect, what is real and what have they created? Also, Enya is playing.

We all know the apocalyptic narrative that percolates around the idea of “the end times”. This story isn’t about heroes or villains struggling with the disaster that is the world - it’s about who people pretend to be when it all goes to shit. That sometimes those people are weird. And funny. And can form genuine, life-affirming connections. This new work from award-winning playwright Dora Abraham combines naturalistic text and dream-like movement to explore the power fantasy holds as a way to survive when the world has ended.

* This event is recurring

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