NEWK (the John Newcombe Story)

Gasworks Arts Park

Event Date: 
19 August 2021 to 21 August 2021

It’s 2014. Australian tennis legend John Newcombe is turning 70 and the greats of tennis are arriving at his place for a barbie. Come join the party as we take a look back at the glory days of Australian tennis through the life of this sporting icon.

Take a trip down memory lane with NEWK, our hero on the world sporting stage (don’t forget his commercials for Cinzano, Aeroguard and Life Be In It!) An absolute must-see for all tennis fans and lovers of Australian sporting history.

"An exceptional one man show"
- The Toorak Times

"NEWK is a wonderful show full of memorabilia and belly laughs. You will remember things you didn't even realize you knew as you travel down one of Australia's iconistic paths."
- WhatDidSheThink.Com