Running with Emus

La Mama Theatre

Event Date: 
11 March 2020 to 22 March 2020
Author / Presenters: 
Merrilee Moss

Running with Emus is a new tragi-comic play about the conflicts and dynamics that arise as a community considers becoming a “Refugee Friendly Town”.

Running with Emus is a new play by award-winning regional playwright Merrilee Moss about refugees, identity and belonging. Seventy-six year old Pat has dropped out of life. She is living on her veranda, watching birds, when her granddaughter arrives to stir up the town. Throw into the mix an Italian ghost from the past, a bigoted Mayor and a chorus of laconic locals and you have a story about what it is to be Australian in a multicultural world.

Writer: Merrilee Moss

Director: Kim Durban

Designer: Adam (Gus) Powers

Performers: Julie Nihill, Sam Baxter, Elizabeth Sly, Kevin Dee, Gregory J Fryer

Image by: Darren Gill

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