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Event Date: 11 September 2024 07:30 PM to 11 September 2024 08:30 PM *
Event Venue: Explosives Factory
Event Organiser: Theatre Works
Ticket Price: $20 – $45

//TRANSCRIPT// is a process-devised video sound art opera where artists teeter between recorded, improvised, composed music, performance and video art. The work is strong and a deeply immersive listening and viewing experience. //TRANSCRIPT// is the third in a canon of librettist and artistic director Tammy Brennan’s work exploring systems oppression, gender violence and resistance, featuring a pre-recorded fragmented text experience of extracted testimony from a court transcript, the libretto extrapolates the problematic nature of truth, recollection and memory. The score and sound world is at large a devised sound work by Vanessa Tomlinson, with contributions from Timothy Tate and Leah Barclay. The sonic landscape traverses percussive instruments such as the powerful and imposing sound of the TamTam Gong, a mix of acoustic objects in combination with circuit-bent obsolete recording technologies and hand-built electronics. The ‘composed glitch’ of the half sung half spoken libretto text is threaded together through complex feedback loops and an immersive sound bed creating a cutting edge sound art experience. The video work is an exploration of power and control. The imagery unleashes a series of burning figures emerging out of stark landscapes ignited in slow ambiguous motion poetically denoting illumination, purification, destruction and pain. Fire brings the dark to light. It gives warmth, a place to gather, nourishment, the ability to innovate our environment and create a shared human experience. //TRANSCRIPT// symbolically and urgently provokes us to think about the shared human experience in an emergent post-truth world. TICKETS FULL PRICE: $45.00 CONCESSION*: $35.00 PREVIEW: $28.00 20 at $20**: $20.00 MOB TIX: $20.00 *Seniors, Student, MEAA, Health Care and Low Income card holders **Limited to 20 tickets per performance

* This event is recurring

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