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We’re Probably Really Really Happy Right Now


Event Date: 17 February 2021 to 27 February 2021
Author / Presenters: Ellen Grimshaw

Volatile, unpredictable, hilarious, and filled with wrath, WE’RE PROBABLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY RIGHT NOW is looking at the madness of a culture soaked in ludicrous toxicities ranging from capitalism and misogyny to tall poppy syndrome. Inspired by performance art, classical music, and experimental dance choreography such as Pina Bausch and Reza Abdoh, WPRRHRN liberates us from gender binaries and compliance and is out of order. It has to be because society is! This is an incendiary reaction to conformity!

This play highlights the absurdity of the current environment we live in politically and socially. We are all dying to laugh at how absurd some of our power figures are and how absurd the notion of power is, now more than ever. To see the ludicrously and hypocrisy of our current political state is indeed called for and we need to make art that seeks change and equality. The future is now. Making change comes through powerful action. Visceral, physical, musical, high octane satirical theatre involving some of the most skilled actors in Melbourne, is how we know how to and how we want to evoke real change.

Surreal, non-linear, dynamic, feminist – WPRRHRN rejects tired relationship narratives, social stereotypes and conventional, gender-binary characters and psychologically-driven action. Instead it shows in detail how chaotic the real world is, from thirteen very different personas’ perspectives trying to survive in a war zone of ignorance.

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