Dead Letter Club

Dead Letter Club

Event Date: 
4 December 2019
Author / Presenters: 
Dead Letter Club

Dead Letter Club has been invited to launch COMMON ROOMS this December.

Common Rooms is a project of Melbourne Fringe, celebrating cultural democracy and artistic participation.

As part of their Words & Ideas series DLC will be setting up for an evening of low-commitment penpals and good vibe creative vibes!

The world’s original creative letter writing movement. The slow communication revolution.

Tired of Twitter, txtspeak and emojis? Pick up a pen and let the ink flow. Dead Letter Club promotes community through creativity, literacy and play.

"Dead Letter Club was one of the most genuinely creative, powerful and beautiful experiences I've ever taken part in.” Gemma Jones, Craft Victoria

DLC is a high concept game played by YOU. Assume your nom de plume and through our secret postal service you will correspond with others in the room over the evening remaining unknown to each other.

Until the end that is.

Bookings essential