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Jock Serong – Crafting Gripping Plots Writers' Workshop


Event Date: 28 August 2021
Author / Presenters: Jock Serong

Join Jock Serong, the versatile and award-winning author of five novels, in this unique writing course all about plot and structure in novel-length fiction.

Readers have a deep instinct for story, and the inter-related concepts of plot and structure are the cornerstones of good fiction. This workshop is designed to assist you in pinning down the characters and images that demand to be written to a narrative frame. Through a series of insights from your tutor, along with exercises, examples and further reading, this workshop will give you the practical skills you need to craft a tight and engaging structure for your novel.

You’ll learn:

· Different methods to visualise and map your plot

· How to orient yourself and navigate your own work as you write

· How to harness structure at a macro and micro level

· How to experiment with perspective to illuminate meaning

· When — and why — to dispense with structure at critical times

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