Tristan Marquardt Farewell to Yesterday - The Day Song and Contemporary Poetry

City of Literature

Event Date: 
27 June 2020

Two lovers wake up after a love night spent together and have to separate - this basic theme was portrayed in the historical day song of the Minnesong. In a premiere, updates of the day song, which were also written in the UNESCO City of Literature Melbourne, are presented in complete artistic freedom.

The Codex Manesse, written in Zurich around 1300, is considered the most important manuscript of minnesong: the most prominent and most beautiful manuscript of the Middle Ages, known as the Heidelberger Liederhandschrift. There are different versions of the day song. The starting situation described therein is always the same:

The separation of two lovers after a night of love. The boundaries between silence and speech, between day and night, between closeness and distance are constantly being renegotiated. The pattern of the day song can also be found in different cultures, at different times, in different language areas. On behalf of the UNESCO City of Literature Melbourne, poet curator Nathan Curnow was able to invite five Australian poets to write current versions of the day song: Cate Kennedy, Kevin Brophy, Ross Gillett, Eleanor Jackson and Bella Li.

In the second part of the event, curator Nathan Curnow will be connected live for discussion and video questions.

Tristan Marquardt , poet, mediaevalist and editor of the anthology "Impossible Love" (2017), in which "today's day songs" were first published, presents the genre of the day song and reads today's translations of old day songs and new texts.