The Writers Group: A 10-week course focused on writing scripts and poetry

Nottingham is a City of Literature

Event Date: 
21 July 2020

Time zone in Nottingham, UK (GMT+1)

This ten-week series of workshops is intended to equip emerging writers with the tools and techniques required to develop their stories.

The workshops explore, in-depth, the essential elements of creating what Selma calls ‘’rounded stories’’; stories that are relatable to audiences from a variety of perspectives; stories that aim to eliminate the single-story narrative. The workshops are intended to develop skills and knowledge on how stories work and how to build authentic worlds through poetry and scripts for both stage and screen.

Selma will provide 1:1 support to individuals looking for feedback on their writing in the final three weeks of the course.

The aim of this series is to create a long-lasting writing community, and to complete the series with a finished first draft of a script or poem(s).

By the end of the course, you will...
By the end of the ten weeks, writers will have developed a finished first draft of their story which they can then continue to develop using the tools and techniques gained from the course.