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Writing Effective Blurbs and Publicity Material

Editors Victoria

Event Date: 16 July 2016
Author / Presenters: Susan Keogh

Editors often struggle when they are asked to write. For people used to working on pre-existing text, it can be confronting to produce the raw material from scratch. Part of the problem is that editors are rarely taught any techniques to help make the process of creating content easier. In this half-day course, Susan Keogh will share some simple techniques that you can use to help you produce more effective marketing and publicity materials, including book blurbs.

Who should attend?

If you are required to write short advertising materials as part of your work but you lack confidence when you have to do so, 'Writing Effective Blurbs and Publicity Material' is for you. The course will not cover marketing or publicity techniques; the focus is on writing techniques. You will be expected to have had some experience in writing book blurbs or similar material.

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