Known Bookshops Fund

The following bookshops were successful in the Known Bookshops Fund.

Blarney Books  will play host to spoken-word workshops and an in-shop performance led by Abraham ‘Abe’ Nouk, Spoken-word poet, hip-hop fanatic and founder and director at Creative Rebellion Youth.  

A section of Embiggen Books will be partitioned off to create a small set for 'Between the Lines' where participants will be exposed to intimate live one-on-one performances, installation and illustration

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Hares & Hyenas will program a series of literary and performance events which honours their relationships with key writers and feature talented emerging performers.

Over several months, The Paperback Bookshop will host performances which will tell stories about how the books that people have bought and read from their shop have played a part in customers' lives. 

Celebrated Melbourne artist Marc Martin will create a mural at new children’s bookshop, Readings Kids. This will be the centrepiece of the shop’s design and future identity.

Children will have a lot of fun joining irreverent Melbourne illustrator Anna Blandford at Sun Bookshop creating hand-drawn card designs. ​

We are reviewing Known Bookshops and may return it in 2017. To keep up to date on what we are planning subscribe to our News Alert


The Known Bookshops Fund was an opportunity for bookshops across Victoria to get funding to activate their shop and its activities by working with artists in innovative and creative ways.

The Melbourne City of Literature Known Bookshops Fund provided up to $2,000 to ten bookshops to pay artists fees, promotional materials and program expenses for cultural programming within their bookshops. Note that participating artists do not need to be Victorian-based.

Regional bookshops could apply for $2,500 to help subsidise the cost of travel and accommodation for their artist.

This Fund invited bookshops to engage artists to build their business, connect with their communities and to expand the range of their customers.

Some examples of how the Fund may be allocated include:

  • A musical salon
  • An evening of comedic entertainment
  • A themed event, for example poetry or comic books
  • Having a visual artist-in-residence working on their project.

The Known Bookshops Fund is looking for the most innovative ideas!

Bookshops or artists were able to apply for the Known Bookshops Fund. If you are an artist, you will need to speak to the bookshop you wish to collaborate with – see below. We wish for the fund to contribute to the costs of a range of activities including (and not limited) to visual artists, musicians, actors, poets. The Known Bookshops Fund will not fund writers’ talks, book launches and readings.