Melbourne is a city of design

Melbourne’s design reflects itself in various aspects throughout the city such as art, architecture, and music, however it is perhaps best encapsulated in its street art - ACDC Lane, Centre Place, and the most well known of them all, Hosier Lane.

Melbourne also celebrates the Melbourne Design Awards hosted by DrivenXDesign. For younger designers still studying, Top Designs, is an exhibition for the innovation and creative problem-solving of Victoria's youngest designers. The program also incorporates a series of talks and events aimed at VCE students  Product Design & Technology, Visual Communication Design, Systems Engineering, Media, and Theatre Studies.

Every year Melbournians get to take part and shop at The Big Design Market, aimed at Christmas shoppers, with locally made distinctive, exclusive goods for sale. For those who value on ethical production, sustainability, quality, originality and good design, The Big Design market is a place where everyone can find good design showcased.

Melbourne also celebrates its architectural excellence every year with Open House Melbourne, an event over one weekend that put the spotlight on good design, the old world, and future cities. The event has become so large that it has launched in regional cities Bendigo and Ballarat. Open House Melbourne has opened the doors of 934 sites across Melbourne, enabling 229,660 people to explore and celebrate their city.

The city’s colour and creativity though is best summed up in Design Week. Design Week incorporates Melbourne Art Book Fair and is a week of talks, exhibitions, tours and workshops exploring the concept of design and its impact on the world now and how it could influence the future. Most recently the biggest push is that of sustainability, being more eco friendly, and the impact that design has on our war on waste, or lack thereof. The concept is so big it has sprawled out to Geelong, Victoria’s second biggest city, with a calendar of local events incorporated with the NGV Design Week as well as being a UNESCO City of Design.