Melbourne is a city of media arts

 Melbourne’s appreciation for art knows no bounds, and many have found ways of introducing forms of new media into major events attracting art lovers old and new.

The most popular of these is the annual event, White Night, now in its seventh year l. Integrating installations, light projections, sound and live performance, it has moved until August for the first time becoming a winter festival as the new White Night Reimagined, and is looking to consolidate the Melbourne International Arts Festival starting from 2020.

NGV curatorial teams showcase new media for gallery goers with their contemporary art collections as well as their focus on design and architecture, hosting Design Week every year in March and incorporating elements of new media in everything they do.

The biggest exhibition to unify these two curatorial collections was Triennial, with over 100 artists from 32 countries, it showcased technology as an art form through various works and attracted more than 1.2 million visitors over its 122-day run.

However new media is so much more than just art delivered in traditional ways, and the Melbourne International Games Week is a testament to that. MIGW is the largest digital games event featuring conferences and activities in the Asia Pacific for the games industry and games enthusiasts. For those interested in the indie gaming community, Freeplay is Australia’s longest-running and largest independent games festival.

This is all best showcased in Melbourne’s ACMI,the national museum for film, video games, digital culture and art. Under renovation in 2019 as part of it’s Re/New program, ACMI’s galleries and exhibitions specialise in immersive and interactive experiences that both entertain and speak to local and international culture and politics.