The Road Less Travelled

In Brief

The Road Less Travelled is a year long series of events which will both highlight the depth of writers festivals across Victoria but also provide a tool to build sustainability with an injection of income as well as build a profile for the selected festivals. The Road Less Travelled is a collaboration with the Melbourne City of Literature Office, the Wheeler Centre and a select number of regional Festivals and events and unfunded Melbourne literary and writing based festivals. 



The purpose of this initiative is to provide the selected festival/ events with a highlight event to make money on and through that build sustainability.  

  • The City of Literature Office will pay for an author, a chair person, their per diems and their travel. 

  • The selected festivals would be required to provide accommodation and arrange recording

  • The Wheeler Centre will host the events audio and present on their website at a date post the Festival. 

The City of Literature Office and the Wheeler Centre will work with each festival on their programming, marketing and production support. Events will be showcased in a dedicated page on the Wheeler Centre's website, with audio recordings released by the Wheeler Centre via a dedicated podcast series. The Office will also look at any of the direct costs on a case by case basis for the festival for this event to see how we can help.

The process involves a simple EOI for festivals interested in being part of this program. 

From This EOI process up to ten festivals will be invited to create a longer proposal. Each selected festival will receive $300 to finance the writing of their longer application, They will work with the City of Literature Office Director in developing this.

The aim here being that the festival will both finalise their applications wellas have a strong draft to use for a future arts funding opportunity to add to the festivals resources. This second round process will have an agreed upon separate  deadline with each of the 10 festivals.


EOI details

The dates of the Road Less Travelled events can be between October 2021 to September 2022

To express your interest please fill this form in. It will take fifteen minutes but does require a little bit of preparation. The main questions are:

  • Can you provide an overview of what sort of event you would like support to run 

  • How will you use this money to help build sustainability for your festival?

Any questions please email

The first round EOI closes 12th of July at 9pm.