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Writing workshop: memoir

Hobsons Bay Libraries

Event Date: 18 November 2017
Author / Presenters: Sarah Vincent

What makes real life stories engaging and unforgettable?

Sarah Vincent, author of Death by Dim Sim, will take you through the processes of writing that appealing and publishable story that is uniquely yours. Learn new techniques and gain greater insight into this genre.

Sarah Vincent is a writer who began her writing life as a playright graduating from the VCA with an Associate Diploma Dramatic Arts in Scriptwriting. Her plays have been performed professionally in Australia, Athens and Edinburgh. She is now a graduate of the Professional Writing and Editing program at RMIT. She has also been published in several anthologies and journals.

Sarah is a part of the Homegrown Hobsons Bay program that supports the rich talents of our local writers.

Death by Dim Sim is Sarah’s first published book. Penguin describes this work as the hilarious, honest and inspiring memoir of a woman who lost 40 kilos and won her lifelong battle with her weight.

It is an engaging, inviting, thought provoking and humbling book. It is a quest and a love story. It is an epic tale of humour, hurt and courage; a journey of leaving 40 kilos behind. It is both personal, yet universal.

In its writing it is an exemplar of Sarah’s love affair with words. She says: I love smashing them together or letting them slip and slide over each other. I love beautiful words, like lilt; hard words like kerb; ugly words like mackerel and silly words like mushroom.

This word affair is redolent of her own journey.

I love hooking them together like carriages on a train and sending them down the track to see how fast they can go or how high they can climb.

Enjoy Sarah’s fresh perspective on creating a story uniquely yours.

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