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Event Date: 27 January 2021 to 31 January 2021
Author / Presenters: Fabio Motta

SPOT is an original solo theatre show that explores a contemporary immigrant journey through wicked satire, wild physical comedy and unforgettable characters. Performed by Fabio Motta and co-devised and directed by John Tummino and movement director Zya Kane.

It’s the story of 8 year old migrant, Mario, and his devilish alter ego ‘Spot’. Mario dreams of becoming a ‘very good English actor’ and one day to even be tackling Shakespeare, but with no grasp of the english language and no one to support his dreams, he’s in a… ‘spot’ of bother!

SPOT explores through humour the difficulties of trying to find a place to fit in, when all you feel is out of place. The show examines themes of separation trauma, the difficulties of displacement, the language barriers and the deep sense of loss that are an inevitable part of leaving everything you know and love for the hope of a brighter future.

Based on true events, this story presents the questions of whether Australia really is the inclusive, multicultural place it believes itself to be. 


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